CS Late Work Policy

For Your Convenience

The school-wide late work policy is posted here. This is what appears on the paper given you by your adviser early in the school year.

It is critical to your success at NCSSM that you not only attend class, but that you complete your class assignments in a timely manner. Thus, in every course any assignment made by the previous class period, or at least 18 hours in advance, must be completed by the beginning of each class (or as required by your instructor). If that is not the case, you will be reported by your instructor as having Late Work (i.e. failed to complete a course assignment by the announced deadline). The sanction for every Late Work accumulated will be the same as for a Severe Tardy—one hour Saturday morning Restricted Study. You can be repeatedly marked for Late Work every class meeting that the assignment remains outstanding and (as with Tardies) your fifth report of Late Work will result in four nights of Early In-Room Restriction. Consequently, it is very important that you either complete each of your assignments on time or contact your instructor in advance to arrange for an extension.

Revised: 2018-03-12